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  Why Do You Need a Travel Agent?  

Here are some very good reasons to use a Vacation Specialist!

  • We will save you time and money
  • It’s not all about money!  We look at the total picture and help you find the best value.
  • "Who ya gonna call" when you have a problem?  Those online agencies may seem like a good idea, but come on now...we will be there to help you through any problems that arise before, during or after your travels!
  • We become your advocate.
  • We give you non-biased information.  Calling the cruise lines or resort directly you will not get a better price.  What you will get is very biased information.  They are not going to recommend another cruise line or resort to you are they?
  • We are all about building relationships with our clients.  We remember which dining you prefer and what type accomodations you like.  We also remember where you want to go next, so we are always looking out for you.
  • We clarify the confusion!
  • We help you decide between cruise, resort, tour or any other travel options you can dream up.
  • We stay in touch with the latest travel industry news.

So, where do you want to go?

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